The Best Weight Loss Exercises in the Gym


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Everyone has their own reasons for hitting the gym, some want to build muscle, some want to get fitter and some just want to lose a bit of weight.

A well-stocked gym will have a huge array of equipment and machines and if you aren’t sure what the benefits to each are you could be wasting your time and moving away from your goal. This can be demoralising which is why we would always recommend an induction.

An induction will let the gym instructor have the opportunity to talk you through all the different machines and equipment and maybe even set you out a plan that will help you reach your target.

If you are looking to lose weight here are 4 of the best machines that can help you do that.


All gyms will have a treadmill and it’s a good way to warm up and warm down before and after a session. If you want to make the most of it you can adjust the settings and use the programmed settings that will adjust your speed and gradient throughout your workout. One other tip is to not use the handrails to take some of the weight off, you will benefit from this is the long run.

Cycling Machines

Like the treadmill, the stationary bikes can be great for a workout and weight loss and things like spin classes can be excellent motivation. It is worth checking your gym to see if they have any free classes as a number of gyms do this.

Rowing Machine

The rowing machine is another option that lets you work on burning calories. Again, there will be different resistance settings that you can adjust depending on your level and how you develop. The rowing machine will also help to tone a number of muscles helping you see results as the weight drops off.


The stepmill works as if you are walking upstairs and can be deceiving when you first start. It might feel easy but soon enough you will feel the burn. Great for the legs you will tone your calves, thighs and glutes.

Combining these exercises with a better diet will definitely help you see results. Starting gently as you get used to it will help you ease in and you will be a lot more likely to continue with your new healthier lifestyle.

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