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If you happen to have an office job it can be hard not to just fall into a routine of sitting at your desk all day. Even if you do visit the gym before or after work, think of all the opportunity you have wasted by sitting on your behind all day.

We look at some of the things you can do at work that will help to improve your fitness without making you look like a spandex-clad maniac doing squat thrusts in the middle of the conference room.

One option is for you to replace your office seat, even for a portion of the day, with an exercise ball. More comfortable than you might think the exercise ball will also help to tone your core as you will be holding your upper body up. You can even move about a bit to work for other muscle groups without it becoming strenuous, sweaty work.

Another recommendation would be that you take the time on any breaks you have to get up and take a walkabout. Let the blood flow again and get your heart rate going, it might not exactly be running a marathon but a 15-minute walk every day will start to have positive effects on you.

Take the stairs. If you work in an office the chances are there will be stairs so instead of taking the easy way out with the lift, take the stairs every day. If you work a few floors up you might feel it a bit tough for the first few days but when you are breezing up them without getting out of breath you will understand the difference it has made.

Staying hydrated is also a huge part of your well being so if you have a water bottle you can use it as a sort of dumbbell. Again, you aren’t likely to grow huge muscles doing this but all these small actions will start to build up. If you compliment these with a more vigorous fitness regime it will definitely be beneficial to you.

You can also ask around the office to see if anyone else is interested in a number of activities from going jogging to games of football, squash, badminton and any number of things. Not only will it help with team bonding but your fitness levels and general well being will improve over time too.

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