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If you are new to a gym, and maybe if you aren’t, you might be a bit unsure of how to behave when you visit. It can be an intimidating environment with people seemingly knowing exactly what they are doing and it can make you feel pretty self-conscious.

We thought we would make things a bit easier if it’s your first time or you haven’t been for a while by looking at the best gym practices and etiquette for your visit.

The first thing to think of is hygiene, both personal and of the equipment you will be using. Don’t roll into a gym if you could be a little pungent with the thought that you will be showering afterwards anyway, other gym users won’t appreciate that at all. You should also be courteous and wipe down the gym equipment after use, most gyms will have paper towels or something on hand. Leaving a puddle of sweat is unacceptable and should be avoided at all costs.

Don’t hog machines, sometimes gyms can get really busy and some machines usage is at a premium. Some people work in reps with other people so the equipment is still being used when you are having a breather but are not yet finished. It is also pretty annoying if someone is sat on their phone while taking up equipment. If you can’t wait to update your social media profile at least move out of peoples way.

The same goes for leaving towels or water bottles on machines, if you are trying to mark out your property then people will not be happy.

Some exercise takes a bit of space so be mindful of where you are and how the space you use will impact in others. Don’t set up a mat in the middle of a walkway, there will usually be areas set aside so stick to them and try not to impact on anyone else’s experience.

Finally, try to leave things how you find them. Don’t leave free weights lying on the floor, return them to the correct area. The same goes for any other piece of moveable gym equipment.

All in all, things aren’t bad when you got to a new gym, you will get used to how they operate and how other users make use of the facilities. If in doubt try to think if your actions will have a negative impact on anyone else and if they would, don’t do it.

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