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Fitness fashion has never been more in the public eye than it is today. Where people used to work out in order to look good and feel better, people now have to look good while doing it. Social media has definitely had a big influence on this in recent years with bloggers and social media influencers making a good living by posting about what they eat, how they work out and what they wear.
Platforms like Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube have given people the opportunity to promote themselves to a huge audience and when they start to build up a good amount of followers brands can get in touch to offer them roles as brand ambassadors.
Performance clothing for athletes and fitness enthusiasts has also been improving in recent years with developments in technology allowing companies to create fabrics that can support muscles while drawing sweat away from the body.
Out with this clothing being used in the sports, it is designed for, urban fashion has seen a huge shift in recent years with brands like Adidas and Nike collaborating with the likes of Stone Island and CP Company.
If you are looking at what you should be wearing in and around the gym for women it’s pretty obvious that the current trend centres around yoga pants. These tight leggings can look great and also offer a great performance. They can be worn with any top and still look good.
Men aren’t as lucky in that respect. There are different styles and fashions that men can go for but there are some that should be avoided depending on what you will be doing. For example, a retro pair of short shorts might look cool on the treadmill but if you start doing stretches you could be putting more on display than your leg muscles.
A tapered jogging bottom with elasticated cuff is a popular look in and out of the gym at the moment however it could get a bit warm depending on the type of exercise that you will be doing. If you are going to be working on weights it is probably better not to go for loose-fitting clothing but ultimately your comfort is the most important thing.
You can always find good opportunities to make savings when there are seasonal sales on so many people take the chance to stock up. That isn’t the only way you can grab a bargain though, for example here’s some great Gymshark gear I found at Groupon. Using coupon codes or finding deals through the year is possible with this kind of site.
Gymshark is one of a number of UK gymwear brands that has been growing in recent years. Launched in 2012 the brand offers stylish gym clothing and accessories that can be worn in and out of the gym.
With so many great options available to gym users and the importance of looking good being at an all-time high, it will be interesting to see how brands and fashions both in the gym and on the streets develop from here.

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